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The city of the carob trees...
The province of Piura is located in the Northwest of Peru and streches out over a varied geography from coastal desert to the high regions of the Andes.

The city of Piura, tidy and dynamic, is famous for the happy and welcoming spirit of its population. It is appreciated for its music (tondero and marinera), its exquisite food and its varied handicraft with the outstanding Chulucanas pottery. The flower decorations with ornaments from the sea and the filigree of gold and silver are another characteristic of the city.

It has beautiful beaches with clean and white sand. Ideal to practice fishing and surfing. You can easily get to Piura from Lima by bus in approximately 15-16 hours. (1035 kilometers) and/or by air, a flight takes approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes.


International Reyes Fair. In January, there is an artistic commercial Peruvian- Ecuadorian fair.

Nuestra Senora de las Mercedes Festivity. In September, the festivity congregates a huge number of pilgrims that arrives to Basilica de La Merced Church after long pilgrimages.

Jubilee Week of Piura. In October there are fairs, shows, performances and firesworks, as well as social and cultural events.

Senor Cautivo Festivity. In October also, there is a very popular festivity, lots of pilgrims arrive by foot others on their knees to show their devotion. The festivity takes more or less 20 days.

Tourist Site Attractions

Catacaos Town
It is located at 12 kilometers from Piura. It is a town with deeply rooted customs that stands out for its crafts of hay and cotton and its gold and silver filigree. Only at 5 kilometers south of Catacaos are the archeological remains of Narihuala, a cult place or fortress of the Tallanes.

Sechura Town
It is located at 55 kilometers from Piura. A town that is important for its bay. In this zone you can see the Sechura desert which is considered the biggest desert of Peru. In the archeological zone of Vicus was developed one of the oldest cultures of the Peruvian coast (fine works of jewelry and pottery with stylish lines were found there).

Punta Numura Beach or Shode
It is located at 75 kilometers from Sechura. It is characterized by its ample bays and rocky places of white granite hanging down from the dunes. In its clean, blue waters, dolphines, turtles and sea birds live. Due to the strong winds, it is ideal for practicing surfing.

Colan Beach
It is located 65 kilometers from Piura. It is an extense beach with a series of forelands: Punta Chuy, Punta Herada and Punta Negra. The spa is characterized for its old houses of wood and balconies of stone.

Mancora Beach
Located 182 kilometers from Piura. It is considered one of the most beautiful beaches along the coast of Peru. Its waters are warm and the waves are ideal for surfing.

Las Huaringas Lagoons
The lagoons are known for their medicinal properties. It is located at 255 kilometers from Piura. There are 14 famous lagoons located at an altitude of 3.900 m.a.s.l., approximately. Among the most important lagoons are: The Negra or Huaringa (Lagoon of the Inca). Lagoon Shimbe or Siviricuche (Turquesa Lake). Lagoon Las Palanganas or Orgullosas.

National Park Amotape Mountains
There are located at 90 kilometers from Sullana. It has a great biological diversity. The wild fauna is very rich in species that are representative of the Tropical Forest. It has a territorial expanse of 91.300 hectares.
The Park Amotape Mountains is considered part of the Northeast Reservation of Biosphere.

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